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Thank you for your interest in a special piece of jewelry from SilverLeaf Studios!

I love to make pieces exactly how you like them, to match a certain outfit, or fancy up a simple look. Whether you’d like different colors on an existing style of ours,

or a completely unique piece-I’m here to help.

- Katherine M. Antobenedetto

Artisan and Owner


If you would like a style of ours that you have seen on the website or social media, and would like me to recreate it (potentially, all items are one of a kinds and the elements may not be available anymore), or make it with special colors or stones, please send along a photo of the piece and a description of what you would like.  Pricing is similar to original item, unless extra (or fancy) elements are added, and there is usually around a week turnaround time. 

Autumn is a particularly busy time of year at SilverLeaf, so it may take longer.

If you would like me to make something completely new for you, let’s have a conversation about it.

Send along your thoughts, pictures, ideas and we’ll talk.

A favorite client was seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway, so we designed lovely crystal earrings and a matching bracelet in her House colors, with a sweet little badger charm.  Another friend was looking for particular stones that she had been advised to gather in a piece of jewelry, 15 in all, and we designed a lovely waterfall tassel pendant for her to wear on a chain.  Have you always wished for an elegant necklace in your birthstone?

I finally made myself one this year! (Sapphire, September baby, with Labradorite. So lovely)


Because each piece we create is unique, pricing will vary depending on complexity of design, elements used (some stones are more precious than others, ya know?) and quickness of turnaround time. If you have a set budget, we can discuss how to keep within it. I keep my pricing very fair (considering the market), my quality very high, and you will have lovely jewelry for many years to come.

We will come to an agreement on style and elements, and then I will quote you the complete price. If everything is comfortable, I shall draft a Creative Contract, so that everything is clear. With your signature, there will be a required (previously agreed upon amount) deposit to secure the Contract.

If an excessive amount of changes are required to an already agreed upon Creative Contract, there may be a convenience fee added. Speedy turnaround times may also incur a convenience fee. Everything that will come to you will be made by my two hands, and some parts of the year are much busier than others.

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