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International Women's Day

I'm so happy that we in the US have finally gotten on the IWD train. It's a beautiful thing to honor the women in our lives, the mothers and sisters, mentors and friends.

Today I'm going to celebrate the lovely and talented Cynthia McDonald, of Starlit Skies Jewelry. She is my mentor, the person who put pliers into my hands and taught me everything I needed to know to begin my own adventure in jewelry. I consider her to be my greatest teacher in life. We have been friends for almost 30 years now, and it hasn't always been easy...but we always come back to each other with love and deep affection. Cynthia is honestly one of the most creative women I know, besides gorgeous jewelry, she is an artist and illustrator, she sews, she gardens, she was a yoga instructor...she is also loving, true to herself and her art, hilarious, and genuine. A creature of love and light, for sure, and someone who always inspires me to be a "strong and powerful woman".

Aren't we cute?!? This picture is from the Arizona Renaissance Festival 2020, before the pandemic changed the world. (She's the natural redhead, btw) It's a delight to head to the desert after a long winter in New England, and spending time with Cynthia is always a treat.

I'm so fortunate to have so many wonderful and inspiring women in my life. It's definitely shaped who I am today, and maybe I'll be lucky enough to inspire some other women to live a life of creativity and authenticity.

I'm going to head into my Monday. I hope you have a delightful day!

Thanks for being here.

You are a gift.


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