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Making a Plan

I must confess...I've spent much of January with my business lower on the list of priorities. The focus has been on organizing in our home, switching up the desk/business area, finding creative storage options for our wee space to break free of accumulated clutter. It was also lovely to relax a bit, recoup from the busy Holiday season...and honestly, not get out of my robe many days.

It's time to bring SilverLeaf back up to the top of the list.

I've been spending much of today in the land of podcasts and masterclasses, working on making a cohesive plan for 2021. Many creatives struggle with the planning stages...we just want to roll with our artistic whims, make when we feel like making, and the rest will fall into place...right? Well, actually Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore. It's 2021, and if the "twister" that was 2020 taught me anything, it's the power of online businesses and the importance of adapting our usual modes of connecting with our customers. My favorite way will always be in person, at a show or festival, alas that is up in the air for the moment. I was struggling to figure out how to move forward and where to find the information and motivation to expand my online presence, after the initial lockdown here and subsequent closures of all shows. I am incredibly fortunate to have found an online community of jewellers, and things are moving forward. The reality of how lucky I was to have some nice holiday sales when I hadn't planned my offerings well in advance is abundantly clear now. A well thought out season will be a vast improvement, especially on my mental state haha.

I am so fortunate and grateful for all the lovely folks who support me while I build SilverLeaf into the business of my dreams. Thank you, truly, from the deepest depths of my heart. In the future, you'll hear more from me. Weekly blogs, bi-monthly emails, lots of activity on the social media sites, including videos and live's me popping out of my comfort zone folks ;) Let me know how I'm doing, ok?

Thank you for being here.

You are a gift.


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