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Good Morning to you :)

I hope your new year is dawning gently with much beauty and peace. Some days it can be a challenge to remain positive and optimistic, when the news of the world is so fraught with equal parts madness and sadness. I feel it's extra important to seek our calm in such stressful times, to add comfort and softness to a life that can often feel heavy and rough. You're perhaps familiar with the Danish concept of Hygge (Swedish folks call it Lagom) which is coziness that creates a feeling of contentment or well-being. In Nordic countries, the Winters are extremely cold and dark, so they add soft light and snuggly fabrics into their homes to bring them through. Warm beverages, sleeping kitties, reading and knitting are all very Hygge things...essentially, anything that brings you a feeling of deep contentment is Hygge for you.

Home projects are often put to the side during the busy maker's Holiday season-it seems I spent more time in the studio than in my house! This New Year, nesting and clearing out clutter has been very Hygge for me...and I've been very active in my home space cleaning and organizing. It's very cozy in our place (which is a wee thing that we heat with a woodstove), it's a challenge to leave it and head into the studio.

Another jeweller quipped recently "I just looked into my work space for the first time in 2 weeks...and I'm not sure whether to clean it, or burn it down", lol. Today I'm going to do the former, and hopefully clear out some clutter and add organizational elements to make my work space more efficient. Adding some Hygge elements up there is also beneficial for my creative life, and when I begin the studio cottage build it will be the focus. A sanctuary space is the best space for me to create freely and lovingly, this is one thing I know. I am so emotionally influenced by my surroundings, perhaps more so as the years progress.

I hope your day has many Hygge moments for you. What things bring you deep contentment? Bringing those things into your daily life can be so beneficial for a peaceful heart.

Thank you for being here.

You are a gift.


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