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The Journey of Style, Branding, and Life Online

The beginning of 2020 was full of hope and promise. It was going to be My Year: take the jewelry business full-time, build a new studio, rock all of the socks at festivals. I began taking courses on online marketing to boost engagement on my social media platforms. I spent a couple weeks in February at the Arizona Renaissance Festival working with my mentor (and dear friend) with her business, hung out with loved ones, and generally being inspired for the rest of the year coming. Energy was high.

And then, well, pandemic. Early on it didn't even occur to me that it would cancel ALL of the shows for the year, which was The revenue stream for SilverLeaf. When it became clear that Covid was insanely voracious, and was here for awhile, the need to focus on the online presence became crystal clear. The course I was taking didn't suit the unique needs of a jeweler, and fortunately I found a school based in London that had both maker and business online classes for jewelers.

HOLY CRAP, WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!? Seriously, Jewellers Academy changed my world in the best way possible. I've taken a good hard look at my business model, my online and social media presence, branding, and, most importantly, the style of my jewelry (past and present). Becoming clear on what I want to be making, who I am making it for, how all the random things I do tie in together...and if they don't, letting them go with love. Focusing my creative threads so they weave well together. Putting myself in the place of the ideal customer. What is important to me as a consumer? Would I love that necklace if I walked into a shop that had it displayed? If not, why am I spending my energy designing things I wouldn't buy? Make what you love, and folks will love what you make. Seems so clear in hindsight, lol.

So this is why I've spent more time at my computer than at my bench lately. For the creative who just wants to make, it's a challenge for sure (currently I'm in the midst of an 8 week bootcamp which has been an eye-opener). 100% worth it, because these are the steps to bring SilverLeaf forward. Many folks succeeded during 2020 because of the strength of their online presence and marketing, and I aim to make 2021 the best year for my business yet.

And, I've still got that studio to build this Spring. Hopefully soon my hands will be back to makin', and I'll get to share some amazing new designs that have been simmering in my brain pan.

Back to Bootcamp!

Thanks for being here.


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